Recruitment – Dance Development Officer


Hello! We are delighted that you are interested in working with Ullapool Dance. The post of Dance Development Officer is exciting, demanding and challenging. Please read all the information we provide carefully and take some time to learn about our isolated, remote but vibrant community. Teaching dance here has many unexpected hurdles to be overcome but also provides great rewards and satisfaction. 

You will be required to live locally to Ullapool and be prepared to work at weekends.

Job Description

The Dance Development Officer will plan and implement the second year of our North West Highlands ‘Dance For All’ Programme. Details of the development programme are included in the Business Plan which will be sent with the application form. 

The Business Plan describes our aspirations for our organisation and contains a Dance Development Programme – The North West Highlands Dance for All Programme. With our help you would lead on planning the delivery of the activities and objectives which can be realistically achieved within set timescales. You will not be expected to deliver everything detailed in the programme. 

Here is the PDF for the job description which contains information on how to apply:

Job Description – North West Highlands Dance For All – Dance Development Officer Year 2


CLOSING DATE: Thursday 21st March 2019 4pm