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Child Protection Policy Statement for Ullapool Dance Ltd

February 1st 2012

We will:

Hold a register of every child involved with the group including relevant medical details and have a contact name and number close to hand in case of emergencies;

Treat everyone with respect;

Remember that some issues are confidential;

Provide an example we would wish others to follow;

Where possible consider activities which involve more than one adult being present or at least within sight and hearing of others;

Be aware that someone else might misinterpret our actions even if they are well-intentioned;

Respect a child’s right to personal privacy;

Provide time for children to talk to us;

Encourage children to respect and care for others;

Take action to stop any inappropriate verbal or physical behaviour;

Have a group policy for the collection of children after meetings have finished;

Remember to REFER not INVESTIGATE any suspicions or allegations about abuse;

Only share concerns and seek support from those identified in the group’s child protection policy;

Complete the vetting checklist.

Child Protection Policy for Ullapool Dance Ltd

February 1st 2012

We recognise that child protection should not be treated in isolation – we will take on board guidance given by Highland Child Protection Committee and will address recruitment and selection of volunteers and paid employees by doing the following:

We accept that it is our responsibility as a group to check that all adults in positions requiring disclosure checks have been appropriately vetted (See Sections 1.3.2 and4.7);

We will ensure the every new volunteer or member of staff will complete a Personal Profile Form.

We will make a request for previous addresses on volunteer/ job application forms;

We will ask for the names of two referees who will be prepared to provide a written reference;

We will follow up each reference with a telephone call or personal contact during which we will discuss the applicant’s suitability to work with children. A record of this discussion will be kept in the applicant’s file(See Section 4.9);

We will interview prospective volunteers and staff;

We will note at interview all previous experience of volunteers and staff in working with children;

We will carry out a probationary period for all volunteers and staff of at least      3 months.

We will notify Ministers if anyone on the Disqualified from Working with Children List applies to work for or volunteer with our group (See Section 1.3.3);

We will ensure that all staff are given Codes of Practice to adhere to (See Section 5.2);


We will remove from unsupervised contact with children any member of staff or volunteer whom we know or suspect to have caused harm to a child or to have placed a child at risk of harm and we will notify Ministers of our actions and the reasons for them, even if that person has left our group (See section 1.3.3).

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