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Ullapool Dance Ltd is committed to striving for a positive impact in all that we do.  This means that we aim to deliver effective and engaging experiences and messages in a manner that positively impacts our participants, our local communities and the planet.  



The following considerations are made with any project we undertake:


Consider teleconferencing

Select venues with easy access to public transport

Promote alternative modes of transport, such as car-sharing or cycling

Offer accommodation within walking distance of the venues                                                                                                

Select local suppliers whenever possible.



We strive to work with venues who adhere to their own sustainability policy

Dependant on the scope of the event, we look to hire venues with natural light, good insulation, etc.

We try to ensure venue selection that reflects the needs of the group size appropriately, so as to not utilise unnecessary space and resources.

We try to utilise venues that offer in-house services such as catering and A/V so as to minimize transport requirements related to these services.




Offer electronic marketing, registration and ticketing

Utilise electronic solutions for branding/signage when possible

Create more minimalistic décor/staging solutions

Consider what items are essential for use at the event.  Do you need give-aways such as pens or magnets?

Consider whether anything needs to be produced/printed to give to guests

Try to ensure that suppliers use minimalistic packaging. (Re-use or recycle whatever packaging is essential.)



This is even better than recycling, as it uses less energy to accomplish                                                                                               

Reuse meeting collateral materials – name badge holders, pens, generic signage (avoid using dates)

Hire/create set/staging solutions that can be used again (either by you or by another client

Request that the venue/caterer donate unused food items locally



Try to employ closed loop recycling. This way, the materials we purchase are already recycled, and can continue to be recycled.

Recycle mixed paper, aluminium, glass, cardboard, printer cartridges and nametags 

Assign a team member to monitor venue and vendor compliance

When used, disposable plates, cutlery and cups made of 100% post-consumer product 

Share “green” practices with attendees



We strive to source and partner with suppliers who share our enthusiasm for green solutions and ethical procurement.

For both sustainability and economic reasons, resourcing as much as possible locally is a smart strategy.

Local suppliers will know what is available, and will have more of a vested interest in your event.

Supply and deliver of goods and services that will require less travel and as a result, will produce fewer emissions.

These local partnerships will have a positive effect on the community, and could leave a lasting legacy that could improve the entire area.



Unless essential, we request that tap water be used at events.

When bottled water is required, we source ethical brands, who use minimal packaging.  We also ensure recycling of all bottles.



We acknowledge that in some instances, solutions that address all of these requests are more costly.  We believe that it is important to continue to work with suppliers/vendors in order to ensure that they, and we, are negotiating the best solutions at the best prices possible. Where more expensive eco-friendly materials are used again and again, the cost per use is reduced substantially.                                                                                           


We recycle waste in our office (paper, plastic, glass, and other industrial materials)

We use energy saving supplies whenever possible

We turn off all electronics at the end of each day

We only use lights in rooms where required

We allow for remote working when applicable

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